Thoroughly possessed by the Ghost of Christmas past and reeling with the love of the Eternal Godhead I recently wrote about the moral ambiguities of being a Christian in the “fa” and “antifa” agewhy GPS is the devil, why you shouldn’t Skype your parents, why identity politics is just Uncle Samuel keeping you in line, and why the question of how a good God could create Hell doesn’t bother me any more. Also, why Newman thinks your computer education is garbage, coming soon.

I’ve got a book you should check out — and this new, ad-free, self-owned, patron-supported website wherein I can live my hipster fantasies. You’re currently on the homepage — it will be updated each month with all the new writing.

I plan on spitting out 5 articles a month — if I can make article-spitting worth my economic while. To that end, I’m asking for 200 of you to pledge a dollar every time I write a new article on this, my new blog. If you think regular BadCatholic articles are worth your swag bucks — do patronize. If not — patronize any way, as a sort nihilistic affirmation of your free will. I was going to write about why I find this move to patronage necessary, but I thought I’d save it for “why Ivan Illych hates your blog,” or something similarly fun.

Enjoy the newness, sweet readers, and indulge me by limiting your public denouncements to 500 characters.

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