December 2018 - Febuary 2019

Overcaffeinated in Catholic Britain I, in which I bemoan my inability to evangelize even the easiest targets.  

The Seriousness of Pornography, or why porn is so grumpy.

A Counted People, in which I argue that the God of the Old Testament is no more a fan of Silicon Valley than of Sodom Valley.

Reconstructing Catholicism, or an email to my mother explaining why I take issue with the political philosophy and theology of liberalism, which was then turned into an article.

Liberalism as Heresy, being a nervous foray into the more direct claim that liberalism is a heresy.

Adam Without Scarcity, on the liberal redescription of Adam as a miserly sot, a real skinny punk, and a hustler, with which I take at least seventeen issues.     


November 2018

Offerings Part 2: The World and its Vicious Appetites, in which I make another scarcely concealed attempt at getting Kyle Morton of Typhoon to love me. 

Catholicism is Better Than Globalism, in which I argue for the truth of the title. 

Watching Porn in the MeToo Era, being an basic ethical argument that no one should watch pornography, ever.

Offerings Part 1: The Mirror within the Mirror, in which I review Typhoon’s (no longer) new album, and conclude that it is catechism of Mimetic Theory.



October 2018

Identity is not a Fortress, in which I argue, somewhat repetitively, that identity politics is just a war against solidarity.   

Prayer Against the Machine, being an argument that we find prayer difficult because we feel more dependent on wealthy men than upon God. 

The Divided Laity, being a complaint against do-nothing complainers who, under the pretense of being pro-LGBT, castigate any effort to reform the Catholic Church of its corruption.    

We Are Not Radical, being an argument that America is not growing more radical, it’s just online more. 

Use Your Children, being an argument that the Church’s prohibition of contraception would be a lot easier to follow if children were not considered useless. 

In Defence of Child Labor, being an account of how children are only forced to work like adults when adults are forced to work like children, and a description of bad toys.  


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